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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by BD_Joe on


I am developing a small game called Second Binary. It is a science fiction shooter that explores the ideas of the perils of self aware AI and simulation vs reality.

I need a creative level designer that can construct an expansive level that accommodates dynamic movement mechanics, such as Dishonored-inspired teleporting, called Light Leap, and time bound flight, called Magnetic Field Lift.

Ideally the level will be designed in a way where there will be many opportunities for the player to use Light Leap to find new paths to the end of the level and have more freedom over how they approach enemies. For example, there will be an air vent above the player, or a passage, that they can reach by using Light Leap to get up.

The minimum expectation is just a block-out of the level, however a fully textured level would be ideal but not vital.

The game is being created on Unreal Engine 4, and you can use your own assets to design, or source them elsewhere. You could even use the basic shapes in UE4.

Once the game is finished, I plan to release it for free either on Steam or elsewhere.

To Apply

To apply, send me your CV along with either your portfolio or a file showcasing your previous work on level design to If you have no experience, your CV and an an draft design of how you plan to design the level will be fine.

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