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Hi, I'm BandicootUnity co-founder of Winterstorm Team and I manage the project of a fan game of crash bandicoot and i'm looking for a new team.
so the project is a Crash Bandicoot fan game, called Crash Bandicoot: Return, created with unity3d and the game will be free roaming

here some details:

we take inspiration for "Crash Twinsanity" for design and open world genre and "the wrath of cortex" for some levels.
for the game we take some functionality from crash Twinsanity and the wrath of the cortex as: HUD menu, movements, "Warp room" function (optional), ...
the project has been stationary for months because of the people who left the team, but I would like to start from scratch, of course, taking advantage of everything that has been done so far.
GDD reworking, level design, etc.
I already have a story / storyline and ready dialogues.
So, I'm looking for a new team to get started right away, as soon as we have all the components, we will also fix a deadline for the project.
I know it's hard to believe in such a thing, but I am absolutely committed to the project.
And who knows, if it will be going well, on the youtube channel of the team, a voluntary donation will be added to support our development team for other future projects (not the game) and the proceeds will go to all team members.

a special requirement is:
- Good will and must respond to email or chat and not "DISAPPEAR".

tell me what you think and if you want information about the project in case of interest, ask as well, I gave a brief overview
The position is unpaid hope is not a problem.

Don't write emails if you are not really interested and I hope you don't just think about money but passion.

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