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We are looking for a third Java coder to join our low poly voxel game project - to speed up development.

This is a volunteer position. We don't have any money to pay you. Most of us are working on this on our spare time.

So why would you want to do this instead of your own projects?

It's a common and valid question which deserves a straight answer.

Game development alone is hard. Most people dream about it, dabble in it for a bit, become disillusioned (it's hard), and fail to produce anything tangible for their efforts.

We have a serious project going on that was in pre-planning and testing as a mod on another game platform for 4 years (I was the only one working on it at the time, some 10,000 development hours). We have now been in active development for almost 2 years straight, no breaks or wind downs.

As a part of our team you would be one step closer to realizing your game development dream. With us you will gain insights into game development and into working in a small/medium sized group (12 people currently, international team). You will gain experience and practical skills about the inner workings and challenges of voxel engines, multiplayer networking, world generation, physics modeling - and many other aspects of game development - in a supportive group environment.

What we need from you

- You are an easy going person who gets along with other people. If you get upset or offended easily, it's probably not going to work.
- You have to know your way around Java well enough to be able to come up with your own solutions independently for problems and learn the necessary skills, that you are lacking, as we go.
- Previous experience with Jmonkey is not required, but you should have the knack and willingness to learn new APIs efficiently. You would be spending a lot of time in the beginning learning our APIs and the APIs of our libraries, etc. before you'd be able to get into anything serious.
- Any experience in game development you might have will be valuable to us (and you). We will guide you the best we can, but ultimately you should be able to do solid independent work on your own in order to be of any real use to the group.

In very practical terms we need another pair of hands in things like implementing proper collision detection and physics for our own octree/chunk hybrid voxel engine, either from scratch or by using something like ODE4j or some other physics library as a base. Or help with implementing ECS, helping out with our in-house UDP networking library with prediction, lag handling, etc. And so on and so on. There's a lot of work ahead of us.

If the above examples sound like something that you'd be way over your head with - even with some helpful tips and guidance to get you started - then this probably might not be for you.

Much of the work we do includes going through research papers and implementing our own solutions based on very general nature data, finding suitable and efficient libraries (we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here), and group thinking through problems together. You need to be able to work on solutions as a part of the team and then implement them independently - with supervision, if needed.

The game

"Rituals of the old is an upcoming PC title from an independent Finnish game studio Star and Serpent for Linux, Mac and Windows. Rituals of the old is a multiplayer sandbox RPG voxel game of crafting, building, survival and adventure in an open random generated world."

Game's web page for some pretty outdated images and stuff:

Meet the team:

The dev team keeps in touch daily via Discord chat.

The small print

NOTE: Non-Disclosure Agreement + Intellectual Property Rights transfer contract signing required to participate (You will be allowed to showcase your work as part of your portfolio etc).

For full disclosure this is currently a hobby/passion project with plans to go commercial in the future if everything goes well. In the event of commercial success everyone in the active dev team would be offered an equal opportunity of being employed full/part time by the project on a mediocre salary (depending on the financial situation) for the continued development of the game.

Do NOT apply for this position for the prospect of any future financial gain. You will most likely make more money gathering bottles and cleaning toilets as your day job.

Hit me with questions and we'll talk more.

It's all about the game.

To Apply

Email your applications, portfolios and questions to and let us know a little bit about yourself.

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