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Posted by mhak95 on

Hello Guys,
I am a writer and a gamer. I am trying to make my first game based on one of my works but since I cannot do anything besides weave entire stories and characters out of thin air. I turn to you, the fine people of IndieDB. So right now I need artists what I mean by that is:
(Listed in accordance of need)
- Character Modeler
- Weapons Modeler
- Texture Artist
- Rigger
- Animator
- Props Modeler
- Level Designer

So these are all the people I think I need according to my research. If one person can perform two or more than two of the roles so be it. The art style is not realistic. Rather it is more cartoony. For a rough idea think of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The Animated one on Cartoon Network). I am also not looking for any professionals so no need to send me your CVs and Resumes. I just need two things: grit and determination. The rest will take care of itself.

If you want to see some examples of my work here are some links to give you an idea. Please note that I have written these works over the span of many years:

The Game:
Now the game is set in a post apocalyptic world that is taken over by an alien race. Only the remnants of humanity remain, hiding, waiting, surviving until the day comes that they can take back their home once again. It will be a single player game. So far that is all I have thought of. :D

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If you are interested in the job. Please contact me via my email.

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