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Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Ceaser Romero, and Jack Nicholson Joker mods

I'll introduce myself before I begin.
My name is Michael and I have been animating and 3D modelling for over 10 years now and I've always been inspired to work on smaller projects such as all of these talented modders do in order to keep games alive, no matter how many years after their release. Arkham Knight has quickly become one of my most favorite games and definitely my favorite Batman game in terms of gameplay and the personifcication of Batman literally and figuratively becoming separate from Bruce Wayne at the end of the campaign. Yes, I know the knightmare Batman was a hallucination, but during Scarecrows capturing of Bruce we saw the Joker finally leave Batman and his last fear dying along with him. Rocksteady have surprised us all with the inclusions of the proper the dark knight, 1966, batman 1989, and bvs batsuits, along with the incredible batmobiles. I believe to solidify the true "Be the Batman" experience we need to include the various film version of Joker so that when people choose to replay the campaign or any mode that involves joker, they can truly become immerssed within the game when playing with any of the film suits, along with their respective Jokers. There already was a cancelled dark knight game years ago, but a joker model was made so we have seen that it is possible. Modders have made all of the characters both heroes and villains playable, as well as different weather cycles, and settings. Gotham City in the game is a perfect mash up of Nolans, Burtons, and Snyders interpretations of Gotham. Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson are no doubt the two best Jokers (romero was comic accurate for the time, but come on compared to them he doesn't really hold up, but his look was nice,) so its about time, especially if Rocksteady is finished with Batman games, to include every film version of the Joker.

My plan is to implement Nicholson, Romero, Leto, and Ledger into free roam, the challenge maps, as well as the main story. Whichever skins the player uses then that respective films Joker will be the one that appears, but they can choose to manually select them as well if they wish to have cross-universe gameplay. I have no doubt that there are some people in this community that have This project will take a fair amount time and scripting in order to put the different Jokers into the campaign and challenge maps. People have created completely separate campagins and worlds alike for other, bigger open world games, such as fallout, and this is merely a skin swap. Imagine seeing Ledger, Nicholson, Leto, and Romero in the game. Thanks to the free roam mod they would be playable as well. When playing as them or doing challenge maps we can switch the audio files for each joker to say their own lines from their films. Yes, its wouldn't really fit every scenario, but maybe for free roam.

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