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A skilled animator that has experience with Half-Life engine or modding in general would be more than welcome.

BlackRite Interactive development studio is currently working on a singleplayer modification for Half-Life named Darkriders. We are looking for an animator that would be able to create animations for weapons, enemies, player and props.

We are looking for a person that is able to produce smooth, unique and detailed animations (or any animations at all), so at least basic animation skills and experience are required.

Currently we are a small team working in our free time on the modification. There are no deadlines under any of our projects, so there would be no need to hurry with work.

Our aim is to release a freeware, singleplayer modification that would enthrall it's players with it's climate and rich world. This is a goal that can't be accomplished without help of an animator that would bring our geometry to life. What we can offer in return are satisfaction and another position to one's portfolio. Working for a donation is an option as well, but volunteers would be applied to the position first.

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Send an email to, or write a private message to our lead developer:, or use "Join Company" on our company website:

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