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Posted by Turtlegamer7 on

Hello there! First of all, I really wanted to tell you that I have plans to make a Half Life 2 Mod, but I need YOUR help! That's right. YOUR help. You see, this is an optional job for people to do if they want to. If you can make weapon icons for Half Life 2, and they look decent, then you can apply! Anyway, this mod will add some new weapons. Some of them will be funny, like the Free TV weapon, which you can actually throw at an enemy, and it'll do some damage. You see, this mod is my first ever half life mod. Have fun, everyone, and I really do hope you apply. Also, here's some bonus info on the mod's weapons.

1 - Suitcase Bomb
[Acts a bit like the SLAM, but instead of the usual SLAM explosive, it's hidden
inside of a suitcase.]

2 - Free Television
[Acts like the crowbar, but it swings much slower, but does more damage. to
enemies like combines, striders, etc.]

3 - Food Ration
[Acts like a portable Med-Kit. It gives 25 Health, but you can only use it once
before it removes itself from your inventory.]

4 - Gman Toy
[A basic toy in the shape of Gman. If you left click while you have it out,
gordon squeezes the toy, and it says one of Gman's lines.]

I plan for there to be more weapons, but that's in the future. Have fun!

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