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Programmers located Anywhere.

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~~Very short description.

Isometric 3rd Person post-apocalyptic M(Maybe Massive in the end, at beggining aim is for one/few houndred players)MORPG, fallout & mature themed, pc high compatibility.


Post-Apocaliptic Europe, devastasted by nuclear bombs and fallout (World is influenced by mad max series and fallout first 2 games, yet hopefully own style will emerge). Sent back into medieval or even stone-age at some points. Life of the inhabitants is poor, lack of food, water and other basic life elements. Radiation, deseases have taken many to the other world, or deformed. People that remain are often desperate to get basic needs, but danger can lurk around any corner. Diffrent groups have formed naturally to increase their life quality at the cost of the other, raging fights with eachother over resources that remain, either with stones, lasers or diplomacy. Some groups are more orginized then others, and use towns protection money as their main income instead of raiding and looting. Some even are towns themselves that managed to raise walls against the raiders.


The player is set in the world some might describe as the last place before hell. Every step and decision must he make with caution, however, everybody dies. Death and character progress will be handled in unique way, definetly in a RPG way, yet less grind orientated and more out of love and care the player gives his characters, in other words, decisions and steps he takes. The world affect the player and the player affects the world. The global target, which is one, can be achived in many diffrent ways.

As the world is harsh, full loot from player upon his death is free to take for anyone lucky (or... Unlucky if its a trap) enough to find it. Interaction between players are very important, yet not requirement to survive, sometimes its better to hide and let two people fight and as a third grab whats left of them. Player groups can rage war against eachother, ground covered with dead bodies happen, the side that remains standing, scavages the dead, growing richer by enemy death count.

The main goal for the player is to gain control over all recourses that remain. Player can achive it by joining one of the player based groups, create own or try alone (Yes). The politics between groups are natural, all trying to get as much protection over their fielfs as possible and yet expand. Towns can be controlled by groups aswell as areas, laws are set by the group in control. Too harsh rules might make the people rise arms against their oppressors through.

This is a short general overview. The detailed description will be sent to the intrested

~~Developer Team.

Might be useful to know a little bit about person you will be working with, i will do this in points, to make it easier for me.
- Diplomatic
- Open-minded (sometimes)
- Honest
- Tolerant
- 27 years old
- Things you can talk off-topic with me: Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Politics
Anything else, feel free to ask.

Things that i require of you as a person. The bridge keeper: "If you have at least one of those you can pass!".
- Honesty
- Creativity
- Open-minded (See diffrent ways of completing things)
- Not "hot-headed" (Rage quitting)
Well, as you might notice, all those can fit everyone and yet nobody, therefor instead see those more as points which i believe is important that every individual in the team thinks about in order to create a good and creative atmosphere.

Team targets. What this project will offer you.
- Creative Atmosphere (Ideas flying from all directions)
- Good & Fun Atmosphere (Mutual respect)
- One goal of all individuals within the group (Making a damn good game!)
- Individualism within the group (Diffrent opinions on same game aspect which can lead to improving player options ingame)
- Working to the end (Until the project is finished)
- Personal progress in skills (Learning new stuff)
- Individual freedom (I value this strongly myself, therefor it is something you can expect)

As this is an amateur project (no money involved), required skills are wide, meaning, if you are just starting to learn programming you might find this stimulating, however, having five people in team that are learning and none that acually knows is a dead end, therefor this will be handled rationally, its on my shoulders to find the balance. Also, amount of free time that you put into creation of this project depends on you. No money involved, yet money might come, depends on quality of our works i would say.

Send your application here
Things to include:
- Exemples of your past works (If you got any, not nessecery)
- Programming languages (and skill of each using scale; learning - avarage - good+)
- Graphical skills, texturing/concept art/something(?) (and skill of each using scale; learning - avarage - good+)
- Working with 3D (and skill of it or parts using scale; learning - avarage - good+)
- Which area would you like to focus on (Might have programming skills but would like to evolve in other areas and vice versa)
- Your age (Stone-age, Medieval or Future... Nah, i ment how old are you?)
- Speaking & Writing languages (I guess you know English as you got this far!)
- Amount of free time that you are willing/able to put in (Could be per week or month, up to you)
- Other areas of knowlage that might be of general usefullness (Like, History knowlage, Psychology, Physics, Biology, Story-Writing, can be pretty much anything, eitherway you get the idea)
Well, and anything else you would like to share, ask or suggest.

If i am missing some important information that might be useful for people in intrest please let me know.

Jakub Tyszko

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