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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Hi! I'm golden creed with Golden Creed Devs.
We neeed people who have discord and know what their doing. we will make games
based on what people want or team members want so join us now!
We will let most people join unless you lie or don't know what your doing.
We will accept all ideas and have a good atmosphere.
Games that we will do will be sci fi, medieval, survival, and more.
In the future we would like to be known as good nice devs so no being jerks or causing problems and be nice
To join give me ur app details are here:
"Recruiting Template"
How good are you to people(be truthful)?
What are your skills?
What roles do you want?
Do you like any of the genres?
Do you have discord?
How may I contact you?
How old are you(don't really care just want to know)?
Why do you want to join?
what game ideas do you have?
What shall I call you?
Do you have Unreal Engine 4?
Any suggestions?
Anything you want to add?
Be truthful I will interview you and make sure you know your role
thank you bye

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