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Programmers located Anywhere at first - Relocate to Montreal, Canada in a few months.

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Team member needed for an indie project: general programmer
Team description:
We currently are a team of 3, working on a new game project.Currently, we have a 2D artist, a game designer / producer and a business strategist. Our plans are tu actually set up our own company in early 2014, in the Montreal area. You will be part of the team, not only coding, but being part of every big decision and having your word to say about pretty much anything that happens.

Project description:
Certainly the most important part. Codenamed "Glory of War", our first project is a turn based strategy game, set in a fictionnal steampunk / WW1 universe. The gameplay is based on a rock - paper - scissors logic, with a strong focus on online features. We have planned a PC release. The game will feature 5 different factions, all with their own art styles, backstories, and strongly customised troops, for a bit more than 50 different troops (counting direct upgrades).

Your position and requirements:
As said before, we do not simply want a coder, but a pro-active team member.You should both be able to accept AND deliver constructive criticism, and be able to express and defend your ideas. Decision making is important too.
On the more technical side of things. We have chosen to go for Unity with C#. We are yet open to other propositions, if you manage to convince us that it's worth changing. While professional experience in the video games industry is not something we require, we still want you to provide us with something - anything - you have realised, any project you have done; it doesn't absolutely have to be related to video games, but if it is, then it's better.
Other requirements are: you should be able to speak fluently in English (not necessarily your mother tongue, but at least good enough not to harm communication), and either live or ready to move in Montreal area. You should also be passionate about video games, familiar with the creation process of a game, and ready to get involved in a long term project - this game, but also the following ones.
The bonuses: mastery of any other language than English (especially French), familiarity with the video game industry's business practices, any other specific skill that you think will be useful for the team and project.

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Anywhere at first - Relocate to Montreal, Canada in a few months
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