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The game will be a Kingdom Management game in the style of Long Live The Queen. 100 days to rule the kingdom as a knowledge-less prince(ess). Days are split into 3 parts where you can visit a location in your Kingdom, Studying one of the various skills will be one of these options.

Each skill is split into multiple levels that unlock more options or information when random event choices are presented.

Random events are a large part of the game that can trigger between parts of the day or days where a situation will arise and the prince must make a decision. Information about the decision may be given via skills. For example if a noble is asking for money, with increasing levels of economics, more information about things such as weekly income, expenditure, treasury etc will become available.

There are 4 main "focus groups" in the Kingdom, peasants, nobles, the church, and the magicians guild (magic is still early in design). Having the support of one of these groups high will give bonuses, and low giving negatives. If you fully lose the support of any of these groups you face a revolution and a possible game over.

The general flow of the game to wrap up the above, would be in your day you pick 3 places to go, for example study economy in the morning, in the afternoon and then visit the tavern in the evening and picking the option to grow peasant support by buying everyone a drink.

100 days will pass with key story events happening throughout mixed in with random events and branching mini-subplots.

At 100 days you have completed your regency into becoming a full fledged ruler, the story will wrap up and the game will end. While there is a large element of replay-ability with branching story-lines and different allotment of skills and random events, the main story will probably be consistent between games

Writer Information

This is more so a medium sized portfolio project for me. It will be sold on completion for a small price but I would not expect any sizeable profit from it. All credit will be given and rev-share details will be figured out when I have an idea of a concrete team. The game is in late design stages right now so development should start in the next few weeks.

In terms of writing needed, we need a fairly large pool of random events, subplots across various events, small tidbits etc. This is a text heavy game so a huge chunk of the content will be in text.

We're leaning towards using Ink by Inkle as our writing engine, it's a simple programming language for dialogue with branching options, variables, loops etc but it's not too much of a jump from traditional writing.

To Apply

Please shoot me an email at Send some examples of your writing if you have them

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