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Artists located Anywhere (Must speak English).

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Team name:
Fox Delta Games

Project name:
Fox Delta Command

Brief game description and status:
Fox Delta Command is a tactical shooter similar to SOCOM U.S. Navy Seal, the original Ghost Recon etc. You play as a special forces unit sent in to combat a drug cartel that have grown very dangerous in the U.S.

Fox Delta Command will feature a single player campaign experience. The player will be in command of 2 teams which will be AI controlled. Commands can be given by using hot keys, or a tactical map. The over all goal is to have a game where the player uses tactics and if it calls for; stealth to complete the missions.

The game have been in production for over 1 year. We have released a rough prototype demo, but it dose not represent the final game at all. Right now we just started working on the first official level and a lot of major updates have been done to the game so far. We a team of 6 people so far, and looking forward to get more people to join in on the project.

Game Engine:
Unity 3D

Windows OS

This means you fully understand that this project will go on sale after it have been released for on store fronts like steam. Once that happens and the game starts to sale we will split the money evenly with all the team members in Fox Delta Games. There is no guarantee that this project will be the next block buster game and make millions, so apply with that you are doing it for passion of making games, and you CAN use this project as a portfolio.

Core Team:
Game Design/Project Management: Sam Juarez, Raymond Konopka
Programmer: Tobi Fromme
Animation: Tobi Jessop
Modeling/Texturing: Sam Juarez, Felix Forsell, Voltron Vex Valentine
Level Design: Josh Savage
GUI Art: Sam Juarez
Music: Adrian Galassi
Concept Art: Open
Character 3d Artist: Open
Vehicle 3D Artist: Open

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for serious team members who understand the difficulties of game development and are fully competent to fulfill the responsibilities of their position.

The following are our current openings for the project:

Character Concept artist - Must be able to draw character concept art based on what the project manager is looking for. Character concept should be a 3 position line meaning showing the character in front, side, and back view so the character artist can then use it as refinance when modeling.

Character 3D Artist - Must be able to model and texture human character with less than 15,000 polys per character, must also know how to set up the model so it can be animated.

Vehicle 3D Artist- Must be able to model and texture Vehicles such as car, trucks, aircraft such as helicopters. Must make models in a appropriate poly count.

Previous Work by Team:
Dreadful Undead, released January in 2012

To Apply

If interested, please contact us via email:
Please attach your portfolio work and if you have worked on previous projects please be sure to mention it as well. We will then setup an interview for further discussion. Please keep in mind we cannot accept applications without portfolios attached.

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Anywhere (Must speak English)
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