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I'm searching for one or more experienced modders, hackers and programmers to start working in a strictly private and ambitious project centered on Final Fantasy 9. I'm ready to discuss for a proper compensation, as I lack in programming skills. The specifics for the mod are:

-In the original FF9, once arrived in an advanced point in the storyline, you'll have to face against 4 elemental guardians named "The Guardians of Terra", splitting your team in 4 groups; however, 3 of those fights happen offscreen, leaving you to fight only the Guardian of Earth. The first aim of this mod will be to create those boss fights from scratch, basing the boss models on those existing in the game and on official artworks, eventually using modding tools like Hades Workshop and the Memoria Engine

-Slight modifications to existing boss battles against Beatrix, Kuja and Necron, which will be discussed privately, providing further details

To Apply

You can send a resume at or, after that we'll be able to discuss about the details and compensation

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