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Just in case you wanted to join in on creating a video game, Darkstar Games is looking for indie game developers, and artists.

Our Kickstarter is previewed next month and we're actually finishing the alpha phase

Currently our highest priorities are:
Animators (people who can rig models for animation especially). Cinematic experts that can use After Effects.

Animators!!! Can you animate in blender maya or unity? Come join us!!

Graphic Designers: Our programming staff is coming up with some awesome systems and game mechanics. We need artists that can skin their UI element placement with an awesome design. Concept artists and storyboarders.

Shader, Particle, and Lighting specialists in Unity3d.

Web Developer: Making a game has been our focus so far. But with Alpha coming up soon, we need more of a web presence. Web designers wanted. E-commerce and backend data management experts wanted.

3D Modelers: As always, we are looking for talented artists new to the industry. Want your name on an actual title that will be released? Get in on our project. You already know that having your name in the credits of. Launched game means the difference between a big company hiring you or ignoring you

And of course Game designers and Computer programmers able to code game mechanics.
Come join our staff and use Unity in ways you haven’t thought of before. We are designing on Unity3d and will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Marketing and community outreach reps.

And we are starting to take auditions for voice actors as well! (Voice actor auditions closed temporarily. This listing will be updated when we audition for additional characters)

Whatever the case may be, come by and check us out.

All project members telecommute

All work prior to Q2 2020 will be compensated by distribution of corporate stock. Project members will be assigned tasked using the task management software and be reimbursed for the value of those tasks using corporate equity.
After Q2 2020 project members will be able to liquidate their shares back to the company. (Dependant of crowdsourcing). Or they can hold the shares as capital assets.

After Q2 2020, project members can choose either stock option or cash incentive. (Members who wish cash incentive must file a 1099 with the corporation and the state prior to receiving cash)

To Apply

If interested, send portfolio to our FB page or to

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