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Company Information: Emagination Computer Camps is a national operator of summer technology camps for children on college campuses. With a summertime staff of bright and motivated young adults we pursue a mission to educate, entertain and help develop healthy kids. To learn more about our company visit

Emagination Minecraft Xtreme is a two-week overnight program for teens 13-17. Participants learn to code with Java and how to use those coding skills to modify Minecraft. Campers will be immersed in the world of Minecraft with daily activities focused on a balance of both computer and outdoor activities.

Position/Timeframe: Part time project-based position for an independent contractor.

Compensation: To be negotiated based upon qualifications, experience and time required.

Qualifications: Position prefers a bachelor’s degree program and/or relevant experience, as well as experience creating mods for Minecraft using Java and Eclipse. Qualified candidate has competency to create a 60 hour program curriculum. Candidate must have proficiency with the Java programming language and the Eclipse IDE and using MCP and Minecraft forge to extract, create, and import code into Minecraft.

Scope of Job: Responsible for developing course curriculum in Java, Photoshop, Blender and Minecraft for Emagination Minecraft Extreme Camp.

Responsibility: Develop curriculum for developing Java coding skills and using the tools and coding to create various mods for Minecraft.

Duties Include:
• Develop curriculum outlining various coding components of a Minecraft Mod
o Extracting Minecraft Code
o Setting Up an Eclipse Workspace
o Explaining Various Portions of Code in Minecraft
o Item Code
o Recipe Code
o Block Code
• Develop curriculum for utilizing MC Edit and OBJ2MC along with Blender
o Use of basic features and functions
o Installing the Plugin
o Create Simple 3D Assets
o Export Assets Using OBJ2MC
o Import Using MCEdit
• Develop curriculum for creating new game assets using Java and Eclipse
o How to create new weapons
o New Blocks
 Color properties
 Ingredient properties
 Quantity properties
o Character customization
 New skins
 New hair
o New Item Properties
• Develop Challenge Sets for camper
o 10 Different Challenge Sets
o 5 goals per day
• Develop Progressive Content for the Course Curriculum
o Develop Challenges for Experts and Beginners
o Physics and gravity editing
o Netherworld crafting and materials

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