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Artists located Anywhere.

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Needed skills include initial platform selection, storyboarding, code development, set design, art direction, monetization strategies and launch implementation experience. The ideal core team will be results oriented, collaboration minded, able to work from current/independent locations, proactively advocate transparency and above all embrace the highest ethical standards. These are potentially paid positions when the company begins revenue generation. At present, the company is being built and managed in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA by its founder, who is experienced at early stage development of for-profit entities.

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HeirQuake. The cross-generational linking platform for visualized experience sharing.

Mentoring. Ideas. Roadmaps. War stories from the battlefield of life. Successes. Failures. The spectacular and the forgotten. Lost arts. Found inspirations. Searches for life's direction and your purpose. A means of discovery. Of finding the path that awaits you. Of designing that best bespoken suit of armor, tailored to the perfect fit. The one worn to protect you while seizing your choicest aspirations.

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Please send your resume, or, if no resume is otherwise available, please send an email describing your level of interest in the project and an assessment of your skills. Please include a statement of what you believe your contributions to the project would be. My business email address is My personal email is Please include the details of your contact information. I will reply to all inquiries in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest and the value of your time.



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