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Artists located Anywhere, but preferably Australia.

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About the Project

We want to keep the details of the game’s setting and story under wraps for the moment, but we have a fully prepared script and game design. The style of the game is realistic fantasy, meaning that the world itself will be primarily realistic but will include (and be distinguished by) fantastical elements. The gameplay will focus on exploration and melee combat.

In anticipation of turning our design into a fully-fledged world, I'm currently seeking additional concept artists who would value a chance to simultaneously expand their portfolios while working collaboratively to develop the aesthetic of this unique game universe.

Valuable Skills

Various forms of conceptual art will be needed to realise this game world: depictions of characters, weapons and other artefacts, vehicles, flora, fauna and landscapes. If you feel you can bring one or more of the following skills to the team, please get in touch:

- An ability to work iteratively and to respond to feed-back is critical, but it is equally important that you bring your own artistic vision to bear.

- An understanding of the asset creation work-flow is useful, but not essential.

- Feel free to work in any medium you choose, whether traditional or digital, and in any style - though the ability to work in a style that is complementary to the fundamentals of the game world and to that of other artists on the team is important.

- Also useful, but not vital, is the ability to work in colour. The creation of colour studies to establish setting- and scene-specific colour palettes may be required.

To Apply

If you would like to get involved with the project, please send us a portfolio or sample of your work through PM or email to
We look forward to hearing from you!

Anywhere, but preferably Australia
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