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Welcome to your potential role at Reclassified Game Studios. Here we are developing a new game called Frontier.

Your skills as a concept artist are needed. You will be helping to design environments, enemies, vehicles and weapons. Rest assured your time will be compensated should this project gain significant enough momentum to gain publisher or crowd backing.

About the project.

Frontier is a game placed on the planet "Frontier". During a routine patrol an Alien ship appears above the city you reside in. There is a lot of confusion, and for an hour nothing seems to happen. Suddenly smaller troop transport ships start pouring out of the Cruiser above the city. You're now at war with the Vrinn.

You fight against four distinct styles of Vrinn, with two being protectorate species.

The Vrinn Mongols
- Tall
- Dark Skinned
- Moderately armoured
- Bipedal
- Strong
- Always look angry

The Vrinn Spartan
- Same as the Mongol but very heavily armoured
- Essentially a tank build

The Vrinn Centurion (Protectorate Species 1)
- Visually similar to humans
- Average height
- Hairless
- Have distinct facial features (think star trek aliens)
- Thin build
- Looks confused

The Vrinn Sprout (Protectorate Species 2)
- Average height
- Moderate build
- Looks kinda dumb

To Apply

Send an e-mail to

Please include the following
- Concept art you've previously created
- A rough sketch based on your interpretation on one or more of the described vrinn varieties
- A short paragraph explaining why you want to help start a new era in gaming.

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