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I'm running a small independent team and am in need of a concept artist to either join the team in-house, or carry out a task I need completed freelance.

The ideal artist would be familiar with how to create good concept art, and be able to complete work efficiently and communicate clearly. You'd need to have a unique mind, able to come with innovative ideas to help break the mould.

The role is required for a 3D first-person horror game, so if you are a fan of the genre and are good at producing art for it, then this role would definitely suit you best.

The job is unpaid, with potential for profit-share instead, providing the project is successful.

Please feel free to apply regardless of experience, I believe talent doesn't need 200 years of experience at NASA to be considered. I just want someone who is good at what they do and enjoys doing it. I'm also not interested in CVs either, instead I'd rather provide an opportunity for someone to build their own. Just an example or two of your work will do.

I'll take on anyone with ambition and a passion for their craft. Thanks for reading and if you'd like more information, give me a shout.

To Apply

Send me a message at and I'll get back to you. Please do remember to attach an example of your art; as much as I would love to put my trust into everyone who emails me I still must make sure you're able to produce good concept art. Don't worry about being formal, I've had enough of all this etiquette.

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