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Legend Studios has opened a second team to work on a retro sci-fi videogame.

We want to make quality games and if you think you're qualified to work with us, what are you waiting for? Apply now and if we pick you, you could be working with an always growing game company.

We are currently looking for concept artists for both environment and character at this stage as we already have programmers, 3d modelers and designers in-house. If you want to apply please send an portfolio to the email at the bottom of this page.

The game in question is an retro sci-fi game set in the far future. The game is currently in design stage, what we have determined so far is that the game will include a 2D spaceship section (such as Star Controller 2) and an isometric overworld (such as Fallout 2)

We encourage creative freedom with this project as we're still defining the lore thus allowing the concept artists to work with as little restrictions as possible.


• Creative
• Have a love for science fiction
• Be able to create concept art off at least one of the following: spaceships/planets/characters
• Good quality of work

We offer a fantastic opportunity to take part in the development of our company and an amazing challenge to ensure that Legend Studios will be forever a growing company

If you have any questions about our game, or just want to find out more. Then please do feel free to contact us on the email below, thank you for your time and we hope you consider working on the project with us soon.

This will not be a paid position.

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