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Hello there, I'm looking for writers to help develop concepts the world in which my game will be taking place.

It's all about fantastical, magic, with original fantasy races with gods and monsters and such. Timeline is around medieval-esque.

**Right now I'm focusing on building the lore,


You'll be working on a few character designs, and culture general clothing. This will include the different classes and forms of government etc. There's plenty to work on, and I do have some references to start with, and as much text references I can type up if you need.

There will be some environmental as well, though I have less ideas exactly on locations, so there'd be more free reign on that.

This will include:
- lots of trial and error!
- working closely with me, as I have some distinct aspects I want to represent
and some things I know I don't.
- concepts of gods, characters, environmental
- asking questions, showing progress (if you'd like, for feedback!)
- working with text description from team members, or reference images



I am looking for some great team members to help me build my game world into something much more real than it is now.

Please know that this is a free project right now, and we can work on it as time goes by, so there's no rush or deadline.

Thank you for looking over this ad, and I hope to find some great people to work with!

To Apply

In the first email, send over examples or a gallery, perfereable shoing off concepts.
Tell me the team experience you have, and anything else you'd like to add.

The email is !

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