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The Game:

Currently I am working on a Third Person fun shooter, you can see as a game like Fortnite or Overwatch. I am concentrating on making a unique game, which gives the player a lot of different abilities to have fun. The game itself is between sci fi and realism. I am not working with a game design document, because I guess the game design will change over time, but I have a small document which shows the core features. So you as an Artist will have a lot of freedom in your work.

About me:

I am a self-taught Software Engineer working now for 3 years with Unreal Engine 4. Through these years I’ve learned a lot and now is the moment where I want to build my own game. Currently I am working to get a stabile first alpha version. Which should happen mid July. For this reason I’m now looking for an Concept Artist with an strong background in his work to get a visual representation of the game.


Stylized / Realism


Have a good understanding of form and function with an eye for character design and prop design

Have a strong foundation in anatomy, form, gesture, rhythm, color and balance

Have a I can attitude

Can work with freedom


You do not need any special qualifications, just be yourself and get the work done! Have fun and just love shooters, this would be a great plus.

You should have a strong portfolio, which demonstrate your ability and knowledge.

To Apply

If you think you’re the right person just sent me an email at:

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