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Artists located Anywhere.

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Artwork portfolio.
Creative style and ideas.
Self motivated and inspired
Works well with others

Google account
Dropbox account
Any other game development skills is a plus.

Current Projects:
We are currently making an RTS adventure game. We have a low quality mockup of the game made in Urho3D. Much different from our previous stuff. It is based in a strange world. For the look of the world I like to think of it like felucia from starwars or pandora from avatar. Very strange and jungle like. Our current plan is to make it a co-op RTS adventure game. This game is in very early stages but we have decided to go for a cartoonish humorous/silly look but still good quality. The players work together to build bases and armies. Unlocking new units along the way. The ultimate goal in the game is to take over the world with your friends fighting enemy armies and strange creatures. Possibly PVP in the future.
The units are very strange looking creatures. The main unit is a Birther. This unit spawns other units by throwing them up. My bad drawing, just an idea:
Feel free to do what you want with units and be creative.
Worker units have to feed the birther. Resources on the map include flowers, mushrooms, onions.
Hunting other animals is another thing that will be highly valued for feeding to your birther.
Body parts on the battle field can be also fed to the birther for spawning energy.
We are also talking about the bithers stomachs being a mutation chamber. It may be cool to have a silly inside the stomach view. Maybe even making your own units and mutations. Just ideas.
There will be hunter units, warrior units, etc. Maybe even exploding maggots that turn into butterflies.
This probably sounds crazy and silly but we want to play games that take us out of any norms, not simply with story but also with mechanics.
If we have to have gory exploding unicorns to make that happen, so be it.
Anyway, we have a game plan document and other unit ideas as well. We have modeled many items but it is a work in progress. I have an ambient music track I wrote for the game. Possibly menu music. We are kind of stuck because we need an artists eye to bring this project to life. Feel free to come up with your own units and ideas as well. Anything is up for change or debate right now.

Second Project option would be to continue our 1 week game making competition entry Judge Dredd based off the movie. Of course we may change the name later on. Check out what we have so far below.

Please contact us if you are interested in either of these projects.

About Us
We have only been making games together for about a year now off and on. We are starting to get more serious about it. Our primary goal is to improve our skills in game making and have tons of fun doing it. At this time we are making free games but we have future plans for making paid games to support our hobby.

Current team
Aus 3D modelling
Geo Original Audio and Music
Lee Programming
(Not yet confirmed) Mattline 3D artist and scripting

Other Warm Milk Games (Oldest to newest)

Slender The Square Menace (Blender Game Engine)

Happy Night: (Blender Game Engine)
Incomplete 1 week blender game making competition entry.

Judge Dredd: Multiplayer Co-Op (Blender Game Engine)
Incomplete 1 week blender game making competition entry.
Download and info:

To Apply

Send an email to me if you have any questions or would like to apply.

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