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Hello, this should be very simple for are already used to it, doing full map convertions of all kinds into Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

Most of COD4 mods around are just that, importing xmodels from other COD series or games into COD4. And this is exactly what I'm needing for this project.

The xmodels will be used in this mod:

I need some new Star Wars Static Xmodels imported to COD4.

Get few free models online (I will provide the links of course!) and convert to COD4, so to let me just compile a ff loading the models into the mod to make them looks like Star Wars universe.

At first I would like these:

. At-St (Guard position)
. At-At (Guard position)
. X-Wing (wings open and closed)
. Tie Figther
. Speeder Bike

Just be in the right size will be great. Ships could have landing gears to be placed on the floor, or not to be used as flyby animations.

No animations, just static to compose the background of the maps.

If you would like to make full maps will be even greater! I don't have much free time to do all the mods + maps, so I'm converting good maps into Star Wars universe instead, which is a lot faster process.

This is a FREE job and full credits will be given to you.


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Just send me pics of what you converted already inside COD4 beside a player model to give us an idea of size/details.


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