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As some of you might know we posted a job ad for a 3D modeler a couple of days ago to help us out with our project. As a response to that job ad we got quite a few people who applied for the position and are exceptionally good in what they do.

But today we are here once again to ask for more help with our project but this time we would like a concept artist who has knowledge of Adobe
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and some kind of vector graphics design program.

We would prefer if you were specialized in doing concept art for character. If not don't worry you can still apply.

Because the game we are making is a physiological horror game if your specialize in concept art for the environment you need to understand the importance of environment in horror games.

Your Responsibilities:

* Be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others
* Have the skill to visualize the ideas and the designs of the game.
* Accept positive criticism and be able improve yourself
* You must be able to communicate with other members of the team
* Be able to communicate almost daily through Skype

Skills You Must Have:

* Be flexible with priorities that are given
* Have the ability to design both environments and objects depending on the situation.
* Be able to create drawings with low or high detail, with color or without.
* Have previous experience with game development

After the development of the game you will be paid according to the amount of contribution you have made to the project.

To Apply

To apply send an application to

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