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Be a part of the high-caliber development of EVER GONE, a high concept, narrative driven third-person adventure on Unreal Engine 4, with this unmissable opportunity. The chosen character artist will receive an exclusive, competitive cut of both raisings from our 2020 Kickstarter Campaign and revenue from the official release. Additionally, the character artist will receive annual payments for each year they are needed. Applicants should have notable experience working in either Blender, Maya, or 3DS Max. Applicants should be skilled enough with either of these three software options in order to create diverse and unique character models. The artist should be able to flow through multiple styles (ex: fantasy to realism) with little hesitation. The required total of character models isn’t large, meaning that each model should be detailed and created exceptionally well. This requires a high degree of focus and skill from the artist. Concept art for most of the characters is available for reference. A working synopsis can be found below.

Based off the critically acclaimed short story collection Project Vita, the guardian spirit “Vita” trudges through a desolate, solemn world. Forgotten by those who once loved him dearly, Vita must trek across this massive world to find his way back.

Traverse past towering landscapes and monumental structures to discover the true horrors lurking just under the surface. A revolutionary take on the genre, EVER GONE was created in its entirety on the industry golden standard Unreal Engine 4. Magnificent vistas are at every turn, urging players forward in a thrilling, tear-jerking and poignant narrative about returning home. Break the silence. Break the mold. Break the mystery. Unlock the Vita.

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Please forward all applications to the e-mail: with the tagline “Character Artist for EVER GONE.” Applications should include a cover letter detailing experience and a portfolio (ex: website, screenshots, etc.).

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