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We are looking for 3D character artist for create some character/face, from a photo or concept art. Create some Character in high poly or Great Quality. For a crash bandicoot fan game.

The requirements are:
- good modeling skill
- High poly Character Model
- good knowledge of modeling with Maya or 3ds max and know how to make great 3D models
-good texture artist
- basic knowledge of Unity 3D (optional)
- some experience with 3D Models
- Good will and must respond to email or chat and not "DISAPPEAR"
(Must give at least some news at week or on 2 week)
- know crash bandicoot and the style of model
- do Concept art (optional)


do not e-mail if you aren't really interested, or to ask me if it is paid, because it isn't, and I hope you don't think only about money, but for passion.
and don't send me an email if you aren't sure or you will leave your job right away or that you can't devote time to work at 100%

we have a team of 7 people with
BandicootUnity (me) - Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Level Designer, Storyboarder
CRASHARKI - Co-Founder, Animator
Danyq94 - Graphic (logo, cover, wallpaper, ...)
FKKZ - Graphic (main menu, pause menu,...)
Tony S. - Programmer
Tony Stull - Lead Programmer
Cameron Hoptkins - Programmer

must be at least to work for 15 hours a week

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Contact me on (unpaid position)

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