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C++ & Python Programmer Needed for Origins of Malu MMO – DEV200

Think of Origins of Malu as the love child of Skyrim & Minecraft, and the younger, more agile sibling of Fallout: New Vegas and GTA. Another words, Origins of Malu seeks to take the best elements of, “open world sandboxes” and, “player creation sandboxes,” and blend them together, with other unique & traditional MMO features into a seamless gameplay experience on an alien planet called, Malu. Our goal is to design and create a vast open world, as well as engineer the tools to allow players to contribute in the creation of this world. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlight features we're aiming for:

• Total character flexibility – OOM will have no traditional RPG level system, and instead allow players to generate experience by doing various things and then putting that experience into various skills and abilities as they wish. No skill tree, no true level 'cap' and few restrictions on what a player invests in.
• Player defined organizations and territory management – OOM will allow people of any race to form a group together, there is no A faction vs B faction. Instead players will have the innate ability to form their own guilds. Guilds can ally together, and these alliances can hold ground in the actual world.
• Player Building System – OOM will have systems in place to allow players to construct all manner of buildings and structures and can do so piece by piece. You can build your own little bungalow, bunker or Bastille. Guilds and factions can all pitch in to erect massive fortresses to hold territory.
• Free roam – OOM is looking to have players free to go where they will, when they will and do what they will.

• Work with production, engineers, designers and artists teams to create code within established deadlines.
• Ensure the delivery of practical and timely solutions that meet the game design and technical requirements.
• Ensure code is modular, self-contained, and defensive and observes the technical constraints on the system.
• Adhere to good programming practices and coding standards.
• Continually review the game and development processes to identify potential improvements.
• Gameplay implementation
• Dynamic systems such as weather, player events, and AI behavior.
• Crafting & questing implementation and optimization.
• Combat & abilities implementation and tweaks.

• Willingness to work within a unique compensation model.
• Passionate about playing and making games, particularly MMO’s, and has a good knowledge of the games industry in general.
• Excellent C++ programming skills, with excellent knowledge of object oriented development.
• Excellent Python scripting skills.
• Self-motivated and pro-active with a strong work ethic, with excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Knowledge of most areas of game development (physics, AI, gameplay, rendering, online, tools, UI, audio) with expertise in at least 1 area.
• Able to analyze unfamiliar code of a reasonable complexity to understand and extend the functionality of an existing module.
• Proven ability to debug defects of a significant complexity, including memory related issues, multi-threading, and assembly level debugging.

To apply send resume to Please reference job code and/ or position in subject line.

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To apply send resume to Please reference job code and/ or position in subject line.

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