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Forbidden Gravity is an Indie Game company, fresh on the scene of the game development world. We are currently working on our first project and require an extra hand or two. We are looking to bring on 1 to 2 more programmers to work with our current programmer.

The current project is still in it's early stages, but has recently started making some decent progress. We are building our own engine, and using the OpenGL API. We are using the C++ programming language to build all of this. The world is going to be a hybrid of voxels and polygons. The world in itself will be a procedurally generated 3D voxel environment, with polygon based models, such as buildings, characters, trees, etc. etc.

The main idea of the game and it's direction is an Action-Adventure RPG experience focusing on the manipulation of the elements through alchemy. The player will be able to explore if they wish, pound enemies into oblivion with different alchemical abilities if that is more their style, or a mixture of both as they immerse themselves in the game's in depth storyline. The player is not tied down by a set path at all times.

In order to make this happen we need the help of experienced programmers, and are looking to you for help. In order to join in on this project, candidates will need to meet the requirements listed below.

Candidates MUST:

- Be able to read, write, and speak English fluently
- Be responsible and possess good communication abilities
- Possess intermediate to advanced C++ Programming experience
- Possess intermediate to advanced experience with OpenGL
- Possess intermediate to advanced experience with Game Engines
- Have a mature attitude towards others
- Be able to follow directions
- Have open availability (Moderate to High)

- Previous experience in working on an RPG project is a plus, but not required

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