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I was working alone for the main concept of what should have been a book, then an audiobook. Now, following the suggestions of my friends, I've decided to take everything to a whole new level, by starting working on a game.

During the last years I worked with many different projects helping them with the audio (OST / SFX), the scenarios, the text-part, some simple models and texturing. But, I know pretty much nothing about coding or working with an engine.

The game will have a big and dinamic open-world with some elements of FPS, survival, horror, adventure, and a detailed "lore" and storyline. Those features already make the whole thing pretty complex and ambitious.
The main goal of the game is to "wrap" the player with its atmosphere from the beginning to the end, that's why I put so much effort on working with HD and dynamic sounds.

I'm searching for people who want to pratice in a long-term project.
I need an experienced developer who can help me organize a team and evaluate the time and the cost of everything. As I specified in the tags the position I offer is free, and I don't put high requirements for you to apply. We're here for practice, for some pleasant cooperative work and experience.

But, all the 60Gb of material I've got, from audio resources to textures and models, are all free for commercial use. Half of the material was made by me and the other half is licensed. So, I aim to get a small profit from the work, which will be equally distributed among the developers and re-invested in the further development, to improve the quality and the speed of the work.

I'm searching for programmers, level designers and 3d artists.
But you can help with writing, digital drawing, soundtracks, or simply with some ideas, concepts or sketches.
I'm italian, but I speak russian, french and english pretty fluently, so the communication shouldn't be a problem.

I'm aiming for a big, solid and collaborative team.
Thanks for the attention.

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If you want to apply, ask some questions or simply know something more about the project, feel free to contact me at any time. I'll reply as soon as possible.

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