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Hello there, Mr. Designer Sir,

we at sup space studios are looking for a talented game designer to aid with documentation and system design related to our title "PREEMINENCE online", a space-sim / shooter currently being in the works.

sup space studios is a band of brothers ( and sisters :3 ) mostly made up of industry professionals from around the world - we do value quality above all else.

As an assistant game designer you'll review and improve existing designs, come up with risk analyses and suggestions on how to "do things better".
You'll report directly to the design team.

In short...
Your responsibilities will be:

- review documentation
- scan for design flaws
- optimize mechanics
- add to existing design
- work on further assignments as they come up

This is you:

- you're fluent in English, both in speech and ecriture
- you have previous design-experience (i.e. academic or practical)
- you are free to dedicate 7h/week to our cause or more
- you sport excellent communication skills

Ideally this is also you:

- you have profound knowledge of game production pipelines
- you grog maths (higher maths, not just 1+1)
- you are familiar with the needs of the CryENGINE 3
- you are not restricted to stick-men when it comes to drawing
- you know your way around with industry standard tools such as Photoshop, 3Ds Max or similar, confluence/WiKi, articy:draft, MS Word, Excel, MS Project, Gantt etc.

This is for you:

- a medium profit-share on projects you work on
- a medium salary starting the day we secure funding
- valuable experience you can put on your CV and grow on
- a cool team and lots of fun

To Apply

Send your CL and CV to

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