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Hi all, I've posted only a few times around these forums, in order to see what direction I may take in the gaming world, and I've come to realize that that can wait for another day. My intention for doing that, and getting my feet wet here, was basically to find some needed talent for a game that I have been working on. So, here goes the pitch.

I am currently gathering all of my past postings, in various places, in order to put a proper GDD together, but I will sum it up here as best as I can, while trying not to create an insurmountable wall of text. Although, I will probably fail in that, so I will at least try to make it entertaining as I go along.
First of all, my name is Geoffrey Rucker, I'm an electronics tech by trade, and have been playing games for 30 of the 37 years I've been around. I am somewhat a traditionalist in my gaming preferences, in that I feel that the mass commercialization of video games, such as the onset of tons of fps's and mmos was not necessarily healthy for the quality of games as a whole. There are, of course, some exceptions that stand out as notable games, but for the most part this started the downturn of quality in gaming imho.

I am basically tired of it, and have decided to do something about it. Of course, I can't do everything myself, nor can any one individual. A good game needs talented people on all sides of it in order to make it what it wants to be. I suppose my role would be that of the game designer, so here's what I've got so far.

I want to help create a city building simulation game with an RPG element added to it. Something like what Civilization was, but with even greater customization to your city. I want to launch this game for mobile. Preferably for both ios and android, but the preference is on android just because I think that Apple is going to Apple themselves all over again. I want to use the freemium model, because it seems that it is finally time for this model to be accepted after being introduced over 10 years ago (and maybe longer). However, the ridiculous real dollar cost vs. in-game gain will be different in this game. The best comparison for the current model vs. what I want to do is similar to what games like Guildwars did with the MMO market.
For the game itself, it will be mostly standard stuff. You gather resources to build things and craft items for sale on the market. You have a marketplace that you can use to buy and sell resources based on the recent supply and demand. You have standard and special population. You have some level of social interaction with other players. There will be a simple technology/development tree element. There will be leaderboards of various categories. Among a few other standard things.

There will also be some unique twists to old ideas. For example, there is a love/hate relationship with military strategy games or this element in a game. I don't see why they can't co-exist. All you have to do is make a game with it or without it, and add it or take it away for the other folks. I mean, stand-alone parts of games have been around for quite a while. Another thing that I want in this game is the ability to customize and freely upgrade/downgrade your shops. Of course decoration is important as well, and that's where the special population will help, alongside the more standard building enhancing (or just looking nice) decorations.

For the special population, I first need to describe the two major elements in the game. The first will be a resource theme, which will be metals. This will allow for almost endless possibilities of design customization, both for the launch and afterward. The second will be the storyline and art theme of steampunk. These two also work nicely with each other. For the special population, these will be automatons. As far as gameplay, they can be used for further city/building enhancement, as well as interaction/competition with other players. These will have to be built by the normal population, and will have some element of chance to the creation, similar to the “cross-breeding” phenomenon in recent games. For the decoration connection, well, if you want, you will be able to deck them out and put them on display for others to see.

This brings me to the social network aspect of the game. Social networks are also not new, and for game purposes, don't need a lot of aspects. This game will have a game specific network, which a player creates an account for, which will hopefully become useful for future games. At least for this game, though, the player will have at least 3 game slots to use for this game alone. Already, they will be able to have one of each (military and non-military) of this game, then an extra for a different idea of how you want to make a city, or whatever the player wants. I mean, in the age of common-place terabyte storage, I think the space can be spared. A method of communication between players, such as an e-mail type, if not full on messaging, should also be included.

For an old idea brought back, how about cut scenes. They still do exist in some form, and in good form in a few games, I imagine. However, in this game, you will be able to look at your buildings. I don't know about you all, but the graphics that these current mobiles are capable of are beautiful. Why do they have to be wasted on delivering only a 50x25px building, when the player can be given a full screen view of their newly available houses?
Other standard things will be a leveling system, but this game will have two for the player and another for the optional military. With these there are also twists to be added, such as leveling “speed-bumps”, and unit upgrades and/or combinations (remember, steampunk mechanical goodness). Quests/challenges and rewards.

It will also have a journal. Yep, a good old story in text form. Not just a few lines here and there, but an actual storyline that will allow the player to immerse themselves into the game if they wish. This will also be presented in the form of an optional cut-scene driven picture story during gameplay.
I have no idea if this will actually work, but I sense that people's desire for quality has not been completely decimated. A huge thing is happening right now, too. A LOT of people who, in the past, have not been interested in games, now have a ready device that they are using to discover the joy of gaming. I think these people deserve to be properly introduced, as opposed to being trained to accept the status quo.

Another notable point to make is that this game will have pretty much no competition. Right now, a quality freemium game, that actually makes the players want to pay money because they really like the game and don't mind paying some money for a good game, doesn't exist. All of these current games are marketing driven tools to play on people's knee-jerk frustrations and in-game instilled desires, in order to exchange their money for next to nothing. I think it's safe to say that no established company is going to slaughter their new cash cow.

My initial step for this project is to find a team that can put at least a few levels together. I have found a professional writer who has written in the steampunk genre. I still need a programmer, a graphic artist, and a composer. Multiple people in the same discipline would also be nice, if possible, depending on strengths. Other disciplines that would be welcome are directors, production, QA, and business. If I've missed a role that you believe you may be able to help with, please let me know.

I will be officially founding my development company next week (when I get my first paycheck in over a year, woohoo!), and my dad is a lawyer. So, any reasonable contractual requests can be negotiated. Once we have these something concrete to show, we will try a Kickstarter campaign, which I already have set up and is ready to go. My initial plan for the Kickstarter goal is going to be for enough seed capital to form the business properly, through a combination of motivated and inspired individuals and contracted specialties. My current estimation is $250k. If Kickstarter doesn't even come close to what we need, I have a few other plans. If it comes close enough, we just re-launched with a more accurate goal.

Whether you want to take the ride with me, or just request an amount of the start-up capital, is entirely up to you. However, if you do want to join in for the long haul, please don't try to snowball me, because the truth will always reveals itself.

I think I'm done for now. Thank you for reading If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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