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Hello Artists!

Galaxy Forge Games is an indie company looking to expand our teams to create a Unity-powered 3D game for PC - browsers and Steam downloadable. The game will feature squad-based RTS style gameplay with heavy RPG elements for character customization for a truly personalized strategy experience.

We are looking for talented folks to join our team to help sharpen their skills, expand their portfolio and get a published game under their belt. These position are, at this time, unpaid and considered volunteer work. That being said, we are very serious about game development and are looking for talented, motivated and committed folks who want an opportunity to grow with a team and strengthen their professional background and network.

Currently we would like folks in the following areas:

- Concept Artist - Character / Creature focus - Begin Immediately
- Concept Artist - Environmental focus - Begin Immediately
- Concept Artist - Prop/Item/HUD/misc. focus - Begin Immediately

- 3D Artist - Character Modeler / Rigger / Animator - Begin early 2013
- 3D Artist - Environment Modeler - Organics - Begin early 2013
- 3D Artist - Environment Modeler - Hard-Surface - Begin early 2013
- 3D Artist - Asset/Prop Modeler - Organic & Hard-Surface - Begin early 2013

For some of these positions there are multiple openings. We are a growing team and as we prepare our materials to being development, we are looking to get our team organized and get things flowing smoothly.

If you have questions you may email me at

To Apply

Email to - please include any portfolio/resume materials you have.

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