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I am a programmer/3D Modeller/Animator seeking an artist to create some promotional pieces, a logo, and perhaps (if able) some elements of the User Interface. As I am doing the 3D Modelling myself, I have no need for concept art - but promotional art is very necessary.

A little about me:

My name is Schalk van der Merwe (more commonly known as Chalk), and I am a programmer and 3D Modeller. I am currently employed as a full-stack developer (.NET, SQL, HTML/CSS/JS), but I am developing a game on the side in my free time. I fully intend of quitting my job and developing the game full time once I have saved up enough to do so.

I am currently developing a post-apocalyptic RPG inspired by Fallout 1/2, Wasteland, and Underrail. I am currently working on the foundation of the game, including all of the systems I will use to construct the game and custom Unity Editor scripts to make the workflow easier.

In case you are interested, here is what has been completed:
- The Dialogue System, including persuading, intimidating, quest-giving, and other interactions.
- Character/Camera Movement, including player movement, AI navigation and navigation layers, and the hiding of roofs/ceiling when indoors.
- Various back-end classes, including Items, Characters/NPC, Factions, Quests, Quest Stages, Dialogue, and Responses.
- XML Serialisation for data loading
- Various other things I can't write down

By the end of January, the following will be implemented:
- Stats. Already designed and coded, just not wired in (i.e. they exist, just don't do anything)
- Combat
- Fully modelled/textured first level
- Levelling up
- Inventory Management and items
- Character Customisation
- Day/Night Cycle
- If there is time, a quest or two for testing purposes

As stated above, this IS a paying position (commissions, not salary). How much, exactly, can be discussed further.

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