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Please feel free to check us out even for suggestions or any help you can provide, the small things help.

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Hello, this is a bit of an odd request.

We're looking for people to help my team develop a strategy game based on the principles of ancient, modern, and post modern chess.

While the project is similar to chess it isn't chess as you may know it. It's based on chess, but more precisely it is a strategy game with roots in chess, historic, new, and beyond. So rules, pieces, and boards are different.

There is little charm to the game of chess, which is pretty much the goal for this project which will be very similar to real-team strategy games you may be used to, but with chess roots. It will still be turn-based to a point.
The standard chess game only has 6 types of chess pieces, and 2 players, although some have 4 players with a large board, but I was looking into wanting to make a very massive board with various types of units per team. A game which would allow for up to 20 players.
The chess maps will be varied and large. Kind of like a battle royal but for chess. Similar to Star Craft 2. However I do have story mode, or campaign mission style ambitions on something akin to a truly enormous board, digital of course.

We need someone to help design UI, chess maps(Logical but chaotic, preferably similar to Star Craft Map design.)

Musicians are welcome.
Right now we're working on a prototype.SOL

There's a bi-weekly schedule of $321 every two weeks, so I am sorry if that is a deal-breaker for you, but it's the plan moving forward until crowdfunding is a possibility.

I want to keep the team small with a core of 3-4 paid employees and then as many volunteers as we can get, until we get a successful crowdfunding campaign.
If you want to join the team for certain please let me know if or when you are available to do so.

To Apply
Just join our discord, or send an email to for more.
Any help is appreciated, but once we begin crowdfunding the team size will shrink to a maximum of around 10 people.

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