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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

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Hello and welcome. We are seeking for a dedicated music composer/ sfx to work for Art Ink. Studios.

We are nearly the end of developing Star Blitz X the Video Game and the demo is nearly finished.

To give an update on the music genre that we are looking for is a mix of space electronic with ambient, epic hybrid and techno. For SFX the music composer must be experience and create a variety of realistic sounds effect for the game. The rest of the detail is the Game Design Document once we hired you.

- Must be versatile to a different style of music genre when assign to.
- Creativity is a must.
- Non-Experiences are required but experiences are a bonus.
- Ability to communicate and to write a document in English.
- Creating original music is a must.
- Able to change the melody to form new harmonies and can change rhythms to evoke the intended mood or emotion to mirror what’s happening onscreen.
- Ability to deliver given task on deadlines.
- Able to create realistic sounds in a Sci-Fi setting.
- Must be passionate, committed, reliable, and love making music and sound effects.

Space Blitz will be released on PC, Mobile, Steam and Virtual Consoles.

It is important that you understand this before deciding to work with us that this is a non-paid project. We are looking for eager candidates who are willing to work long term for free on this project. However, we already decided to go publish or to be funded for royalties for future payment. Depending on how much work the person does as well as how much our Kick starter makes, a number of royalties will vary.

Once hired, I will fill you in over email or Skype on more detail about the game and what the team is doing.

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Send an email to and send our resume and portfolio.

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