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International Online Soccer is a Source-based modification that is currently far into the development of the newest version. As a mod we have been around for 10 years on the Half-Life/GoldSRC and Source engines, though the upcoming version is a complete re-write and overhaul of the game, visually and behind the scenes also. We aim to become one of the most exciting and unique online soccer experiences available for free. The game is online multiplayer whereby players control one player alongside other players from around the world, offering an approach rarely seen in soccer games.

We are looking for an animator (if you can rig this is a bonus, but not a necessity) who can provide our new player model with around 30 animations. These animations would be fairly short in length as the game itself is 'instant response' - i.e. when you press kick, it kicks instantly, so the animations are very short and concise time-wise. To better imagine it, to kick the ball you would not animate the player running to the ball, or getting into position, rather the animation would start with the player physically kicking the ball. This should mean each animation is less time-consuming in it's creation. Your animations would gain an immediate exposure to the existing community, and also the expected influx of new players upon release.

You can access the rough animation list at [url=][/url]. This is subject to change and would be agreed before the work starts.

This is negotiable. We will be looking for a good deal, as we are a small modification, and thus not commercial in any shape or form, and the cost of animating would be made through existing and upcoming community donations (this is how our player model was also created). The price would not be per animation, rather a fixed price. If you have the ability to rig, we would increase this price. Likewise if you can rig but not animate, we would still like to hear from you.

You can view some renders of the model at


To Apply

Please contact if you would like to express your interest or discuss further. Please include a link to your portfolio or attach any examples. Some background on yourself would be great too, and also a rough idea of the price-range you would expect us to pay.

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