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Hello everyone,

A developer and I in Titanforged Entertainment are currently working on an Idle/Clicker game for Steam. It's a fairy small but fun game that doesn't require a whole lot to make.

Game Summary: After many years in prison, you wish to escape and seek freedom. You hire prisoners to gather materials for you, which you sell to officers for gold. Gold earned shall be used on tools needed for your escape. Buy them from your fellow prisoners and escape quickly!

The game is divided into 6 rooms, each room with a prisoner collecting a specific material. On the image above is the Prison Storage, where the prisoner is collecting wood. Upgrade your prisoner's level and stats to gather faster and more expensive materials!

Rigger / Animator Needed
We are looking for someone to take care of Rigging and Character Animations. We are trying to keep the game fairly simple as well as the animations for it. There will be an idle animation for the character and other very simple ones. The position will be paid when the game is released on Steam. The fixed amount you'll be paid will be discussed together before you start working.

Who is Titanforged Entertainment?
We are a small indie game company founded in Denmark. We are currently 3 members:
Member 1 (Me): Director, 3D Modeling, Texturing
Member 2: Programming
Member 3: Music & SFX Artist

We have already created our first game called Game Night. It's an online multiplayer game containing multiple custom and popular board game. It's soon being released on Steam when the game is fully developed and stable.

To Apply

Send an email to or send a friend request on discord: Nafei#9413

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