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Digital Drifters is currently working on an unannounced UE4 project and are looking for people who are interested in royalty share.

The project is a sandbox RPG with elements of survival, growth and fantasy, set in an age before things like gunpowder or steel.

What sets us apart from the other rev-share teams is our experience and our opportunity for growth. Our team is comprised of current and former employees from companies like Epic, Bethesda, Infinity Ward, Blizzard, Rockstar, and Sony Santa Monica, to name a few. Nearly every developer on the team has at least one shipped AAA title. We've pitched 3 game projects in the past 2 years (as consultants) and AA/AAA publishers have funded all 3 of them.

We have an incredibly talented team, with incredibly powerful tech (we've been using UE4 for over a year and aren't new to its workflow), and can offer rev share, star portfolio pieces and can connect you with potential full time employment if that's your desire. We're currently looking to fill animation and environment art positions because our team members have recently moved onto AAA studios.

Our philosophy is if you're passionate about what you're doing and you create great things for our project, we'll work with you in any way possible to help you obtain your goals. Besides, if you move to a cool place we can harass you for beta invites!

We're looking for 1 Animator and 2 Environment Artists. Details below:

Animator Qualifications:

* Demonstrable experience with full body human animation
* Experience animating in Maya
* Ability to polish mocap that has already been cleaned
* Ability to key-frame animation where necessary
* Experience with some form of Unreal Engine (UDK or otherwise)


* Knowledge of MotionBuilder
* Experience with facial animation is a big plus

Environment Artist Qualifications:

* A Passion for learning new things - a thirst for knowledge
* Proven ability to create compelling 3d hard surface and/or organic art
* Significant experience modeling, UVing, sculpting and texturing
* An understanding of popular art tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox/Zbrush, Photoshop
* A solid understanding of the Unreal material editor (any version of unreal)


* Experience building and/or lighting scenes in Unreal
* Significant organic experience (foliage)
* Experience working with complex material shaders in Unreal

Our animation workflow starts with a text concept, then is converted into 2D storyboards, then is either mo-capped or key-framed. Our environment art workflow is first created in 2D by a concept artist before moving into 3D.

We have significant experience pitching games to publishers. We have learned how to land the right meetings and present our games in a way that excites them.

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