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I want to hire a team the budget is $,5000 NON- NEGOTIABLE!!! I want to make a game like The Escapists: Youtube .com/watch?v=KUjLQaTQkpE but 8- bit RPG for IOS with ALOT of features.

- Main Programmer: World Map Programmer, Field(Battleground) menu etc.
- Scenario Writer: Character Design/ Character Development/ Storyline
- Art Director: Visual Effects, Animations, Character Design
- Sound Editor & Engineer
- QA - Test finished project for bugs and other exploits.

Must have music and sound effects, battle music, menu music etc. when you use an item or spell there is a different sound for each item and spell. when you attack an enemy with weapon or magic there is a different sound for sword, bows, spears etc.

*Examples of Weapons, Armor and items everything must be modeled in this form.
Helmets, Hats, Armor, Clothing, Robes, Shields: Finalfantasy.wikia .com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Advance_armor

*Examples of Jobs: Finalfantasy.wikia .com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Tactics_jobs

Items: Finalfantasy.wikia .com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Advance_items

Weapons: Finalfantasy.wikia .com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Advance_weapons
Helmets, Hats, Armor, Clothing, Robes, Shields and weapons must have a name and effect one or more of the following. Element: Ability: WpnATK: DEF: MagPOW: MagRES: Speed: Move: Jump: Evade: Effect: Desc: Heavy, but very sturdy iron helmet

*Examples of abilities: Finalfantasy.wikia .com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_Tactics_Advance_action_abilities
-Action Abilities are actively used, often special attacks such as magic. They are equipped in sets belonging to a job, two of which may be used at once.
-Reaction Abilities are used when certain conditions are met after a unit is attacked and often being variants of Counterattack or SOS Abilities.
-Support Abilities are generally in use at all times, and usually enhance other capabilities, or else have effects such as wielding a two-handed weapon in one hand, or using two weapons.

-In app items
- In app addons include abilities, and relics, weapons as well as special costumes that provide a cosmetic change for existing characters. Other events provide an opportunity to get more orbs, refinement materials, or experience and currency. I would like to finish a few of these so when the game is released I can push these out and make some money back.

I would like a player chatbox in battle and outside of battle I would also like a pole so I can ask players questions and get their vote responses.

Pub: where team mates can link up and accept quests together or battle one another they have the choice to invite a friend or link up with someone on the same level as them. I think we can put the poll vote board at the pub.
Chat box
Poll vote board

-Character fusion, Item fusion, weapon fusion, armor fusion, Character strengthening system outside of leveling up. weapon strengthening system, armor strengthening system, item strengthening system.

Daily login rewards
Daily dungeon updates rotating enemies
Increased drop rate daily exp dungeons, item dungeons, based on day of the week mon- sunday
I want players to have the abilities to create up to five dungeon savable similar to the system in phantom brave. Create a Dungeon(Dungeon Keeper: Will randomize a dungeon for you VIA pre-set conditions. The higher the level of the enemies inside, the more money it will cost to create and the rarer the items and weapons. They may enter any of their saved dungeons as many times as they wish.

Titilist: can assign titles to dungeons as well as characters and items, weapons and armors. Not only will the Title be ascribed to the dungeon name, but all enemies inside the dungeon will be given the Title, as well. All Titles have pre-determined properties when assigned to a Dungeon that can in no way be altered. As each floor of the dungeon is cleared, the title will improve. Once the last floor is cleared, the improved title will be returned for conventional use. Putting a different title on a dungeon will erase the old one rather than return it. Also, putting a good title (one that does not overall decrease stats) on the dungeon will increase its number of floors and enemy level. Tittles on dungeons will give the each enemies the save bonus, weaknesses or extra skills it will also effect Enemy Level, number of Floors, Enemies, number of average enemies per floor, size of the map etc.

I want each player to have a zodiac sign and depending on that it will determine how well each player works with each other. I would also like there to be an auto mode in battle where a player can select it and toggle it on or off. The auto mode should use AI engine to control your characters.

Auto-battle commands

Manual - This is what you're used to: human controlled by you. You can switch by from auto mode by selecting Manual. Please note that if you act and don't move, or visa-versa, and then select an auto mode, it will complete the rest of the turn for you.

Fight for life (FIGHT) - This command accepts an enemy target and goes after it. Like all modes, it won't blindly go after it, if it takes multiple turns to move to a spot where it can attack the enemy. Your character may decide to cast some spells on allies (which I generally refer to as "if it's bored"), or attack other and closer enemies, while it moves to the target. Later on, when it's in range, it focuses on the target until it's dead.

Run like a rabbit (RUN) - This is more like "Run like a chicken", if you've ever seen a <10 Brave character turn into one. Your character will run to the nearest corner, where there is the least amount of battle. However, like I said with FIGHT, this doesn't mean that it won't act. It may cast a spell on an enemy before it flees and/or pump itself up (like Accumulate). If it's backed into a corner with enemies, it'll fight, as long as it doesn't change its movement pattern.

Protect allies (PROT) - This command will accept a friendly target and protect it. "Protect" has a number of definitions in this case. It may find a close enemy that is potentially threating the target and try to kill it. It may heal the target if it needs it. It may also revive a dead target. Or it may cast support magic on the target. The AI will choose the best option, to keep the target alive, in good health, and nearby. Additionally, if you tell it to protect itself, it'll buff itself and make sure it's in decent health. A PROT on itself is sorta like RUN, except the movement pattern isn't as fearful.

Save fading life (NORM) - This really should be called "Normal auto-battle mode", as this is more or less a default mode the AI falls in. This is a combination of FIGHT and PROT, where it chooses the best option (usually) for the job. This is what you should start out with, when you first start battle. If you need a more urgent or direct command, you can switch to one of the others later. Also, this is the default mode when the character kills a FIGHT target, even though the mode is still technically set to FIGHT. (If the target happens to come back to life, it'll come right after him/her again.)

Every time an autoed character's turn comes up, the AI engine considers all of its different actions, weighs them, and figures out the best option for its auto-battle command. Of course, this is much like how you think, but there's a fairly definite pattern to the AI's priority. Here's a rough list on priorities (in order):

1. Reviving a dead ally
2. Healing a critical ally
3. Casting Haste or raising Brave (?)
4. Charming an enemy
5. Killing an enemy (including petrify)
6. Causing damage to the enemy
7. Healing a damaged ally
8. Defensive spells/abilities

Keep in mind that this is a very rough list.

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To apply to go: m/ab/applicants/864982305634926592/job-details and list your website and portfolio also tell me you saw my ad from

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