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I am project leader of a new upcoming MMO game for Mac and PC. The Game is called Dark Solution and is being made by CraftCoin Studios. Yes CraftCoinStudios is a registered company in the United States. We currently have 8 team members and we are looking for a sound designer, Programmer, Level Designer, and 3D Modeler! Yes I know a MMO is a huge project to take on, but our team has what it takes to complete this game and will do whatever it takes to do it.

What Is Dark Solution about?
Dark Solution is about the last living Elf on the planet that lived after cheated Death. You have a choice to either help Death Find and kill the last elf, OR You can join sides with the elf and help destroy the Black Glass that is what Created Death.

What engine are you using?

We are using the best engine Unity3D!!!
What do you have done so far?

We have all sorts of character models finished, some jaw dropping concept art, and over 20 pages Game Design Document.

What makes our MMO different?

We have a great PVP system such as bounty hunting, and a gladiator arena. Our art style for the game will be totally different from other MMOs. Our character movement system is astonishing for a MMO, it's compared to games such as assassins creed or Uncharted. And a main story line that will suck you into it and make you feel like you are living in the game.

When will the game reach alpha mode?

My guess would be probably late 2015.

Will I ever get paid?

Yes, when we publish the game all profits will be split depending on the work you have done.

If you are interested, I will send you some images of what we have so far through Skype!
Please contact me through Skype if you want a fast response!


To Apply

Skype: Branbon1016


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