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I represent team called Borderworld and we're making our own adaptation of HL2:EP3 called "Boreλl Alyph". We've started our work since the very day of release of Mark Lidlaw's Epistle 3; our team had over 30 people. The more work they've done, the less experienced some of them turned out, so they had to be fired or put in suspension. We've done a lot of artworks, some models, working engine build and almost whole soundtrack. We're lacking some positions now and we really want to continue our project.

How are we different from other teams? We're making our game based on Source Engine to make it look as-if Valve actually ever released it. We're using traditional Half-Life solutions and style to bring joy to HL fans :)

- No age restrictions
- Minimum 2 years of experience in modeling
- Model organic stuff AND/or complex shapes
- Bone-based animating welcome, but not necessarily needed
- !At least! basic knowledge of Source Engine
- Texture mapping on models welcome, but not necessarily needed
- Screenshots or videos of Your work
- Discord account, good mic welcome
- +5 hours of work a week. The more the better

How we work as a team:
- We have a Discord server for 'fans' and separate text & voice channels for team members.
- Whole team is divided into groups based on a role
- Each group has a leader that acquires information about job that needs to be done, and then marks members for each task.
- Group leader is responsible for the entire group and work that they do. The leader can decide what gets accepted, what gets rejected and suggests who gets to be fired. Final decision goes through Project Leaders.
- Team groups: Writer, 3D Designer, Level Designer, Artwork Designer, Sound / Music Designer
- Other groups (that are not team members): Playtester, Voice Actor
- We have our tasks listed on HacknPlan project page

What do you get for working with us?
- Full name in credits, of course!
- Access to our Discord Server & team-specific channels
- Chances to suggest changes to our project and to contribute in other roles, if capable
- Chance to make a really good adaptation of EP3, just like Valve would do!

What are you waiting for? :)
Apply for a 3D Modeler / Animator today!

To Apply

Join our Discord server ( ) and message Dev Leader: @kaitek666


Email him directly:
(Keep in mind that we still require from you to have a Discord account)

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