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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Allied games is looking for volunteer 3D Level Designers to help put together our fantasy RTS game. We have 4 basic look and feel images created and each one should result in 5 different levels. These levels will be based on story. Levels will be designed using modular assets within the Unreal Engine and launch on PC.

Who we are.

Allied games is a start-up studio located in Port Credit (Toronto) Ontario. We have a small group that are working on this game full time. We are highly dedicated and have resources in place that allow for easy communication between team members no matter where they are located.
We operated on internal transparency so you will have a say in everything. You can add input on character designs, environmental assets, animations, gameplay mechanics and story updates; essentially everything. We figure the more ideas, the better the options. Input is highly valued and encouraged.

What would you do?

Level Design
- Create level concepts for approval ( 2D images that will act as a plan )
- Pin point key objects that require modeling for the level
- Block out the level using terrain and BSP’s for initial testing
- Develop level further using 3D Assets
- Package assets in appropriate UPK files using proper convention.
- Optimize level
- (Optional) Add level specific scripts to levels using Kismet and Unreal Matinee

That's the overall responsibilities that we are looking for.

To Apply

Send an email to with the subject of "3D Level Designers" (no quotes). Any other subject will get sent to junk and likely ignored sorry. Attach an example of your work and a resume if you have one handy. We are more worried about the quality of your models than any work history so the resume is completely optional.

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