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Are you a 3d artist who likes adventure games in the style of “the room” or “rusty lake”? Then there might be a job for you. I am working on a project, development name “Submarine Adventure”, however it seems I can’t do 3D art as well as I would like.

A demo with some basic features is here: password is “submarines-are-cool”. Some screenshots:, right now the prototype is only one room with very simple puzzles.

I hope, with your help, to eventually make this a game with many high-quality puzzles, a strong consistent story, and hopefully decent looking.

In general I am looking for:

  • An artist with any style, both realistic and stylized are both fine as long as you can make it look consistent. You do not have to be experienced.
  • You should also be willing to help out with designing the puzzles and story, marketing, and other thing that come up during the development process
  • It is not necessary to put a lot of time in, I am also studying full time so I’m fine with a slow and steady workflow
  • Likes adventure games

I myself can bring to the table:

  • Experienced programmer, (studying comp-sci, working as web developer) but not especially in gamedev

Payment will be in the form of profit share. However don’t expect huge profits. For now I think two people is best for this type of project, however we might decide more is worthwhile later.

To Apply

Interested? Send me an email with some samples at mousetail [at] or send me a PM

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