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Whoa, we're back with another opening to join our incredibly awesome super fantastical amazing team? Totally, but this time, we're not just looking for one person, we're looking for several, incredible!

So, if you don't know about us, we're Lethal Lens. A fun happy go-lucky indie game studio that wants to make fun games people want to play. We've been at our first announced game, Project Icarus for little over a year now. Our team is incredibly ambitious and enthusiastic to work together and create amazing projects for the world to play.

Time to get down to the nitty gritty.


- High-quality 3D Modelling: Hard-surface and/or Organic
- Full Texturing ability (Diffuse, Normal, Displacement etc.)
- Ability to work while being mindful of UV Mapping
- Able to work effectively and accurately from pre-defined concept art and designs.
- Previous experience working with game ready assets highly recommended.
- Rigging and weighting skills a bonus when working on character models.
- Able to work with and provide constructive criticism and feedback.
- Communication and Team-collaboration skills.
- Ability to export models as .obj
- The ability to sculpt while keeping the animator in mind.
- Sense of humor

I know some of you are saying, HAY, THIS LOOKS TOO SRS FOR ME. Relax their Tonto, we are still awesome to work with. We're easy to talk to, and don't get stupid mad when people screw up. I mean, let's face it, we're all screw ups, right? PLUS, we still have our amazing perks you'll know and love.

Perks of working with us:
- We're awesome
- Awesome management
- Access to UE4 if job requires it
- Royalty contracts with room to grow.
- Free fun
- Free coffee
- Free cookie if you do the thing
- Free access to cons like E3 and Comic Con (must be actively working on the project to land this)
- Did we mention fun, awesome, and a cookie?

Also, to note, in case some of you don't know, remember, or just plain missed it, we pay in ROYALTIES for right now. I hope that doesn't discourage you to join us. Because we'd love to work with you.

*DISCLAIMER* We totally copied and pasted this from the old job ad, but it still doesn't mean we don't mean it, meany.

To Apply

So what are you waiting for? If you're a high quality 3D Character sculptor who can sculpt while keeping the animators in mind, shoot us an email at

Also, you know, to land that cookie we talked about.

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