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Hello Fellow Vault Dweller!

We here at the Liberty Wastes Beautification Committee are looking for people with at least moderate experience in 3D modeling software like 3ds Max and/or Blender to create meshes for a Fallout 4 mod called Fallout: Liberty Hell

Must have experience in importing their own meshes into any Bethesda Gamebryo/Creation Kit game and making sure that those meshes (along with attached textures) are correctly displayed in-game. Meshes will be mostly static, low to moderate polygon count unless specified. Knowledge on creating textures is a plus.

Three different mesh creation positions are available, each with its own tasks. If we decide to choose you to join our team, you will be given one of the duties (referenced in the next section) based off your preference.

First, there are the meshes found throughout the Liberty Wastes landscape. These include exterior structures, flora, clutter and consumables. The environments should be dense and organic looking—almost as if they are truly being lived in—to provide a more immersive experience..

Furthermore, the task of creating armor, clothing and weapon meshes is available. While newly developed meshes will be made, numerous garments, armor, weapons and accessories used by characters from previous Fallout games will be added to Liberty Hell (e.g. the slavers from The Pitt DLC) but will be given a complete makeover to ensure there are no conflicts with asset legality. A moderate poly/tri count will be suffice for this job. Attention to detail and game/mod lore is desired.

Finally, there is the task of creature creation (NPC’s). Creatures will come in a variety of sizes and classifications from small critters, like squirrels, to the very large, such as a behemoth rock golem or leviathan sized robot. Applicant for this task should know basic understanding of armatures and animation. The NPCs created need to be at least on par with Bethesda's quality in detail, lore and movement and we'll work together with you to accomplish this.

Perks for working on this mod will include:
1) Experience in game development with a team and a finished product released to the public
2) Enormous credit and gratitude
3) References and material for resume portfolio
4) Bragging rights
5) Any monetary gains from donations, you the artist will receive a cut of the profits. The amount of cut is determined by the amount of work given to the mod.
6) Links of your previous and current works so that followers can find your work easier
7) Closed access to pre-release builds
8) To be part of gaming history as someone who worked on the biggest mod for Fallout 4, Liberty Hell (We're not exaggerating, it's literally bigger than the Commonwealth)!

To Apply

If you happen to fit the description, then drop us a direct message via ModDB or an email at and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

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