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Looking For: UE4 team members capable of 3D art/modelling, 2D artists, GUI Developer, 3D Animators. I only need 4 more people and we have 4, unfortunately, the spots are limited so experienced developers, please note I am creating a professional studio. We are looking for people with a passion and dedication to game developers who can also think realistically and can commit a decent amount of time to the project.

My Exp: Great leader (who's great under pressure) and programmer/designer (I have worked on many projects before and have a lot of resources at my disposal, for quick prototyping) portfolio:

My role: Project Lead, Programming and Design (minor 2D art stuff).

Project: Top-down rogue based game in which a player will explore a procedural dungeon to survive, collect items, lore and follow a small story. The player will need to collect in-game currency to unlock upgrades and reach new areas. The game will consist of around a single high-quality level, which is procedural and will be developed in a stylistic manner. Combat will be turn-based however outside of combat the player will be able to freely roam.

We have a GDD, and our own website,,, for extra info on the project.

Length Of project: I estimate given the small scope and type of project that we could probably have a playable prototype and testable versions in around 6 months, and release in around 12 months, however, it entirely depends on the team been active and dedicated. As a studio, we have an abundance of resources to speed up development and many experienced developers.

Split %: NET PROFIT SPLIT EQUALLY - between all ACTIVE members of the team.

in-active members will be removed, as it is unfair to all our active developers.

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Contact Method: dm my discord account: FD#7682 :).

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