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=Our Game=

Name: Project Dreams (Title not final)

Release Date: TBD

Engine: Unity

Project Dreams is a game based on horror, with elements of surreal landscapes and twisted realities. As a player, you will be diving into madness as you seek to discover the truth behind Project Morpheus and to escape the nightmare with which the player finds themselves in. The game will be divided into different environments called dreams, with a standard hub-environment from which the player departs into the mindscapes and the player will have to search for clues, keys and manage their sanity as they explore the mindscapes.

Have a look at the project pitch trailer:

We also have an ambiance teaser here:

Here are some WIP screenshots from our currently playable pre-alpha build:

=Who we are=

Cup Of Tea Games are a small, friendly team working on our second game, Project Dreams. Our first title was Oka The Neko, an android free to play running game featuring Oka, the pink cat. You can find Oka The Neko here:

Project Dreams will be our first commercial and pc released title. We started work in 2016 on the title and have since progressed to a working playable pre-alpha build with a solid concept. We value communication and understand that real life obligations can be stressful, so we operate on a dynamic work cycle with regular meetings.

We do most of our work through skype and slack. We keep track of development with slack and Trello, as well as make use of google drive. Since we are currently working without funding, we understand that offline obligations have to come first; all we ask if that work is done to your schedule and that you communicate with the team in a timely manner should you be unavailable.

You can find our website here:

=The Position=

3D Artist

We are looking for a 3D modeler with experience in sculpting environments, monsters and other objects. We are also looking for someone with experience with 2D sprite work as well as 3d texture artwork, though you need not be familiar with these to be considered. Experience with texturing is a huge plus, as is experience with low poly techniques.

We are looking for a 3D modeler with the following skills:

Experience with sculpting models of monsters and other creatures
Experience with sculpting models of plants and other environment models
Experience working with Unity Engine
Good grasp of geometry to reach smart low poly goals

Aside from revenue sharing, this is an unpaid position, and we’re well aware of it. Being able to complete your tasks timely and in accordance with the assignment contract is the most important part of this role. Staying in contact is very important to us, we expect you to let us know if you are going to be unavailable.

=Why You Should Join Us=

As this is an unfunded position most of our team members are in it for the experience and excitement of working on Project Dreams. We also understand that real life involves bills and pressure to seek paid employment. All of our team members have work (and school) We understand that. A team member will never be disciplined for real life commitments.

We offer revenue share for this role. There are no guarantees in the indie scene as far as what to expect in terms of revenue, but we will do our best to ensure that everyone who have worked on the game will be fairly compensated for their time.

To Apply

Please write to us at with the following information:

Introduce yourself! Let us know a little bit about yourself and who you are, and why you want to join our growing family here at Cup Of Tea Games.

Include a portfolio of work: 3D Models and texture artwork.

This is a Revenue Share based role. You must in your introductory email include a short paragraph explaining why you are willing to take on a Revenue Share based position and what you hope to achieve with us at Cup Of Tea Games. Applications without this will NOT be considered.

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