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Hello and greeting! (Or... just hello.)

Gradus Game Entertainment is currently looking for a 3d artist (character modeller) to help us getting our upcoming title TERALTA to life! We have an animator who can rig, so if you do not have animator experience, then don't shy away! The type of work we are looking for is to create a cartoony types of character models, as we are looking to bring some light heartedness for the game's graphics.

As for payment, we will be crowd funding in order to create a pre-sale revenue. We will be also taking advantage of incubator programs in the downtown Las Vegas area, where Zappos have been building its tech hub. A solid business plan is laid out for future developments as well, so consider this a chance to build a startup studio, where you can also make a place where you want to work for!

TERALTA is a steampunk RPG-RTS that completely revamps the old 4 party system (ei: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc) and makes it a more dynamic combat system! The tedious chore of leveling is thrown away, and instead players are going to find others ways of progression with an intuitive crafting system! We're also thinking about implementing dynamic environments and events that will alter how the player will progress in the game as well!

So, what is Teralta like?

Imagine an eden for steam technology....
Humans have found the pinnacle of steam technology and have used it to change their surrounds in order to make it more habitable. Even nature have evolved and adapted to form a parasitic relationship with the steam tech. However, war is in the air, as a large kingdom threatens the lively hood of others. And a mysterious force seems to orchestrate everything that is going on in the world...

If you'd like some samples or would like to check us out, we have our development blog at:

And if you're interested or perhaps would like to prod our brains, then contact us at:

We look forward of working with you!

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Anywhere - Skype + Google Hangout (Accounts provided.)
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