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Thank you for considering this job role.

The project we're working on is a 3D Episodic Horror game that's made within the Tim Burton art style. The game will be released in a series of Episodes, episode 1 being bundled with the game. Our current state of the game is early days but we have developers and teams working overtime. The company right now is filled with team members who are doing this voluntarily however that will change once the games official release as we'll have the money from the campaign and sales to be able to pay our staff the money they deserve.

We're looking for talented 3D artists to create an interactive and beautifully stunning environment. They must have some valid experience with partaking a job as a 3D Artist. The beauty and perfection of the level design is key to making the player feel emersed in the game. We're building a game that needs to be very polished and is going to be Single-player.

// Responsibilities
Modelling and texturing in-game characters and props based on concepts, 3D mock-ups, and art direction specifications
Coordinate closely with the team
Implementing assets into the game engine

// Requirements:
Proficient in at least one 3D modelling program (3ds Max, Maya, Modo, etc) and in at least one 3D sculpting program (Zbrush, Mudbox, 3d-coat, etc.)
Experience in both modelling and texturing, particularly in a stylized format
Able to optimize low-polygon models while taking aesthetic and technical considerations into account
Strong knowledge of art and technical standards/constraints for modern games
Ability to work with or without concept art
Creativity and ability to adapt to current modelling/texturing styles
Excellent English skills
Be a great team player
Knowledge of Tim Burtons Art Style

I look forward to reading your applications!

-Satellite 27 Team

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